Bron Christensen

I am a third-generation grazier from Theodore in Central Queensland – although I work in several other roles, so my husband is the key to it all and I occasionally hop on a horse, head into the cattle yards, feed the bulls or get some time in the office. Like everyone on the land, knowing the future climate conditions is an important management tool and I was pleased to take on a role as a NACP Climate Mate to both learn, and to assist others to gain the knowledge of weather and climate patterns.

My background is both business and agriculture, graduating from the University of Queensland with a Bachelor of Business many years ago and I am currently studying for a Bachelor of Science – Regenerative Agriculture. Through my business I assist The Leucaena Network as the Executive Officer, am the Secretariat for the North Australia Beef Research Council, am Company Secretary for Theodore Water, our local channel irrigation scheme and undertake myBMP audits on behalf of Cotton Australia. Wonderful roles that bring me into contact with a wide range of people who are as passionate about Australian agriculture and rural communities as I am. I look forward to working with many more farm and station owners and managers as a Climate Mate to assist with a greater understanding of our climate for more informed management decisions.

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