The Climate Mate Program - the key to success for NACP

One unique and successful part of the Northern Australia Climate Program is the introduction of Climate Mates to the local regions of the project area.

‘Climate Mates’— are individuals selected for their knowledge of the industry and their capacity to network and communicate with producers in key red meat regions of Northern Australia. They aim to improve the use of weather and climate forecasts through training and engaging with graziers, advisors and supporting the broader extension team across northern Australia.

‘Climate Mates’ are supported by an agricultural meteorological expert and have access to the leading researchers at the BOM and UKMO to understand climate forecasting for use within their extension programs. They are trained in general aspects of climate science and forecasting so they can impart knowledge and be a local expert to help landholders. Their knowledge will stay in the local area and will be a legacy of the project into the future.

They are involved in delivery of workshops, disseminating regionally specific climate and forecast information as well as gathering feedback on research and product development.

Initially the project supported eight climate mates across northern Australia, however the success of this program has seen this recently extend to an additional eight climate mates, therefore sixteen climate mates representing areas of northern Australia.

Here is a list of the current ‘Climate Mates’, their contact details and area they operate.

Anne Marie Huey
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Southern Gulf
Megan Munchenberg
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Cape York
Erica Hughes
Reveal email address
Northern Gulf
John McLaughlin
Reveal email address
Southwest Queensland
Vicki Mayne
Reveal email address
Alys McKeough
Reveal email address
Burnett Mary
Peter Crawford
Reveal email address
Southeast Queensland
Bruce Alchin
Reveal email address
Jardine MacDonald
Reveal email address
Victoria River District
Emily Hinds
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Channel Country
Sarah Malloy
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Central Queensland
Sam Hart
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Nicki Pilcher
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Daniel Rea
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South Central Queensland
Elsie Dodd
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